For those of you who I am not in regular communication with, I have been spending the past week down in Austin MN house sitting for my grandpa while he is off enjoying the warm weather in Hawaii.  This has been a really great opportunity to take some time to myself to finally get caught up on some work that has been accumulating over the past few months.  So, there is quite a bit to blog in the next few weeks!!  And I’m super excited to share some of the images from this past year that have yet to see the light of day on my blog or website.  Along with a fantastic 2011, things keep looking brighter and brighter for 2012.  Every week seems to bring a new exciting opportunity to work with some very in love and creative couples, and I can’t wait for next year!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself though. Before the end of this year, I am fortunate enough to be shooting  Megan and Jason’s wedding.  They are the first of the many brave couples that I will be working with on a winter wedding over the next two months.  Luckily they are a very warm and friendly couple which should make the transition into winter weddings pretty smooth!    I hope you will all join me in keeping your fingers crossed for snow though!

In the spirit of their wedding less than a week away, I wanted to share some of their engagement photos that we did on a chilly day back in the end of November.  We planned it late in the month hopes of snow, however we had a ton of fun despite the lack of the white fluffy stuff.



  • Brittney says:

    These are great! I love all of your work!

    (December 13, 2011 at 5:28 pm)